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Beta Forum!
Haven't you heard? DB:G now has newer forums, faster, better security, sleek and professional design, I will not be re-directing members to the page, but you can simply click here.
Side-note - you can copy topics you may have posted on here, to the new forums.
New head admin!
Why hello there fellow DB;G members It is me Lance! I'm proud to officially announce that we've got a new head admin that will be managing all my rolls and I want you to respect and look up to him all the same, I personally hope that he will make the correct decisions and lead this server in the right direction as I once anticipated, for those I was personally undercover to make sure he was good enough and he proved himself by far congratulations Hippie! ~ Jayson
Plagiarism is copying someones work and claiming it as there own giving the author/writer little or no credit for his work.
I've recently gone through the forums and noticed allot of this so I've decided to force everyone to remake all there applications.
If you have plagiarized someones work you will be given one clear warning, if you fail to remove it in the given amount of time you will be permanently banned from DB:G

Sorry for any inconvenience
~ Jayson
We've received some incredibly annoying news from our hosts, as such they will be shutting down causing us to pack up and change IPs this has basically ruined what "we" have all built probably losing many players, thankful the ones that joined the forums will not miss out. We are still waiting for a reply from our hosts to confirm that they are shutting down once we receive this information we will announce the server, I'm currently setting the server up on my own Personal computer
6th June Downtime
6th June 1pm Downtime, DB:G are currently left in the dark here why this is happening we are trying our best to get things back up and running ~ I hoped to add this portal on a happy note but seems not, things will be back up and running within the hour GMT +0 2pm. ~Jayson
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