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 His Story...

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PostSubject: His Story...   Wed Jun 13, 2012 5:01 am

(Part 1)
** Its about 23:30, your flicking through TV Channels. The batteries run, so your stuck on the Discovery Channel...**
You:Fuck me...
**The intro to a Biography show ends,**
Presenter: Hello Los Santos! Im Dick Suckable, and this the LS Diary's! Today's subject is the so called 'Law enforcer' Chris Crumplington, or as the people of Liberty City know him Grandmaster C! Yes, thats right Officer.Crumplington was in a gang! He was known as 'Grandmaster C' and was 'hangin' with the gang Crips. He trafficed drugs, killed innocent people and bigger then all killed police officers. And know he is one?! We are here on this 1 hour special to reveal the real Chris'Grandmaster'Crumplington.
**It turns to adverts**
(Now,your next decition decides if you carry on watching or if you turn the TV off...Carry
On watching and then you will know things about Crumpets ICly!)
**Do you carry on watching or do you turn the TV off?**
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PostSubject: Re: His Story...   Wed Jun 13, 2012 6:57 am

**I continue to watch**
**I lean in to watch and take in all of the things this "Grandmaster C" has done during his gang banging days**
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His Story...
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