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 The story of Ronald Townshief

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PostSubject: The story of Ronald Townshief   Thu Jun 14, 2012 2:26 pm

Early morning on a Monday, I was suddenly awoken by screaming. As I moved my way into the kitchen, there was a woman outside my window. The expression on her face made you think she just killed someone. It was only Dana, the wife of my alcoholic neighbor. They were just having their weekly brawl. I finally came into consciousness and walked to the fridge. I poured myself some fresh orange juice. My favorite drink before work. It was time for the usually routine. Shower, breakfast, work, sleep.

After forcing myself to my car, I had that feeling someone was following me. You know the feeling. Slight goosebumps, as if someone was staring at you. I put the car into drive and I was on the way to work.

I work at a saw mill in a small town called Chattanooga, Tennessee. Daily routine of loading wood into a machine... All day long. Slipping up a bit means getting chewed out by my boss. I've been thru that enough to last a lifetime. By about 4:00 P.M, it was time to head home.
I tend to lay awake at nights, Wondering what could've been. Ronald Townsheif... The man who chased his dreams and moved to some island in the pacific... Instead I'm a 50 year old man, pushing wood into a saw. No kids, no family, nothing. At that last thought, I usually would fall asleep.

((After a night of sleep, Ronny wakes up to that same annoying noise. Dana.))

As I turned over on my side, I glanced to the clock. The only thought in my hand was "Sh*t. I'm late". I go to my window, staring out. The screaming that awoke my suddenly stops. I begin to look for Dana, wondering why she stopped early. Nothing. As i begin to turn from the window, the screaming starts again, but this time she's at my door.
Dana: "Ronny! Ronny help!" Her voice suddenly cuts out.
I run to my bedroom, grabbing my Colt .45 from the desk near my closet. It isn't loaded, but it should scare someone. I run back to the door, and step out front. I aim the gun straight forward, not noticing the pool of blood I'm stepping in. As I move the weapon left to right, I move to Dana's house. I ring the doorbell, putting the gun in the back of my jeans. Noone answers. I ring it again, and again. I pull out my phone, beginning to dial 911. Before I can start to talk a noise comes up thru the phone.

Anonymous voice: "This is not a test *BEEP* This is an emergency for the following counties: Marion county, Hamilton County, and Gundy County. *BEEP* Please stay inside and do not leave under any circumstances *BEEP*"

I put the phone back in my pocket sighing. As I turn around, I catch a glimpse of Dana, she had blood gushing from her neck, to her abdomen. I ran over to her, catching her before she fell to the ground. I sat her down, yelling for help. She began to speak. I couldn't hear to well, but I caught the last word she mumbled: "Run". As I began to try and help the cut on her neck, I felt her pulse stop along with her breathing. I sighed, putting my head against my knees. After about 15 seconds I heard her take a long breath. I stood up, a bit startled and stared at her. I could tell something wasn't right. She stood up eventually, walking towards me. I backed away slowly, not knowing what to do. She broke out into a sprint, and so did I. I felt my Colt slip out of my pants, falling to the ground. I turned to grab it, and I saw not only Dana, but her husband as well. They both had black swelled eyes, disgusting blood stained teeth, and an odd limp to their run. As my feet stopped moving, I bent over finally grabbing the Colt. I ran to my house, going to the desk. Bedroom door shut and locked. I heard them screaming, trying to get inside. I knew what was up. I saw the movies.
As I struggled to get into my drawer, I finally managed to grab a few bullets, loading them into the magazine. I sat in the corner, ****ing back the gun, and aiming at the door. I knew this was the end. I began to say aloud my last and final prayer: "God, I know we haven't talked in quite a while, but I am so sorry. I don't know what is about to happen, but if there truly is a God, save my soul please."

The handle of the door finally broke, allowing whatever those things were inside.
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The story of Ronald Townshief
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