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 His Story...Part 2

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PostSubject: His Story...Part 2   Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:39 am

**An advert ends,bringing the TV back to the TV Show..**
So! Lets start where it all began,London. Yes,even with his vague 'Liberty City' accent and FAKE ID and Birth certificate! He was born in in London and moved to Liberty City as a 15 yr Old. He attended High School then university,coming away with AMAZING grades, his mother was killed in a bank robbery.He needed a break.So what did he do next?! Join the Marines of course! At age 18 Christopher John Crumplington was a Private in the US Marine Core. Serving one tour in Afghanistan, he was released on an 'Honourable Discharge' due to his emotions getting in the way of his mind and combat skills. When he returned to Liberty City he was in the slums straight away,with no incoming and no help from the Government. Chris was forced into joining a gang.this gang was Crips. Now at age 19 and abit, he spent his time 'cripping' and 'banging' with the 'homies' But when he was caught 'dealing' with a 'Bloods' he was booted from Crips and hunted by them.He turned to the LBPD. The Police officer's got Crips of his back, and when he was asked to help them identify the Crips 'OG's' he jumped right on it. Age 21,Chris was accepted into the LBPD and served as a Cadet...Until the corruption of the PD got to him and he wanted a new start. So he moved to Los Santos, and now is a Law enforcer roaming the streets of Los Santos.We where luckly enough to get an Interview from Mr.Crumplington.
**The show goes to static then goes to a room with Chris in a Leather chair in front of the camera.**
Reporter: So Mr.Crumplington,what are you planning to do now.
Chris: Well,ive be planning to go back to London for a few weeks. See the old house,find some old friends and maybe some relatives...
Reporter: When will this be?
Chris: I have gotten permission from Chief.Smith to leave...Tommorow.
Reporter: Oh,
Chris: Yes.I need some time away,i have repressed my roots and when i get back.Im bringing the 'Cockney' me back!
Reporter*Chris: **Laughing**
Reporter: So, can i ask about 'Grandmaster C'?
Chris: **Sighing** Yes, when i was done with my tour,i was down on my luck.No one wanted to hire a Ex-Marine...So when Crips came lurking round that street i slept in,i ask tem to help me.Which they did. I got money,Drugs,Fame and best of all Girls. **Laughing** But when i was caught dealing with the other side it was all over.
Reporter: So where did you get the name?
Chris: I was because i spent most of my 'Down Time' listening to Grandmaster Flash,and the name just stuck with me during my time with Crips.
Reporter:OK so your tour.
Chris: **Frowns** It was madness.The 'Rag heads' used there own kids as fuckin' bombs! It was slaughter...We where much more equipped but they knew the areas. We where equally matched. But when it came down to the 'Business' we just murdered them.They where unequiped,there AK's where shit and they had no training other then how to make a roadside bomb...And when they used the kids, they usually had bombs taped to there chest,or an AK flying out of there hands. It got to me, and with the memory of my mother...They shut me down. My aim was off,my temper was short. They just couldn't deal with me any more. Then i came back to Liberty City,and slummed it out till Crips came along.
Reporter: Well,Thanks you for the interview and i hope to see you when you get back from london.
Chris:Thanks...**Puts on a weak smile,but there is pain in his eyes**
**The credits start rolling**
((the whole 'Leaving for London' thing is just my cover up since i cant join the server...Any want a part 3?))
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PostSubject: Re: His Story...Part 2   Fri Jun 15, 2012 7:15 am

(( It seems quite good, I'd like to read a part 3. ))
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His Story...Part 2
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