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 A Pain in my side.

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PostSubject: A Pain in my side.   Tue Jun 19, 2012 10:47 pm

Ok, as most people know. IM having some connection issues and i dont know what to do anymore. This became a problem as soon as the Hostes shut down the IP and Mr.Lance was forced into using a VPS. As soon as a got the new IP, i couldnt connect. If anyone has any reason why i cant connect to the VPS please comment. Ive tried messing with my firewall and spyware but alas nothing came of it. Mr.Lance,could you do a check of ANYTHING that could stop me joining, im thinking its that either my PC isnt accpecting the IN-coming data,or lance's VPS isnt send the Out-Going Data. Sorry if im being a pest but i would love to rejoin the server as on MTG im abit bored of Gangsta RP... Again any info would be nice.

Yours Truly
Crumpets ((And/or Queerios))

Los Santos Finest
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A Pain in my side.
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