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 Where the hell is he? ( A story about Jack Shipman leaving Bloods )

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PostSubject: Where the hell is he? ( A story about Jack Shipman leaving Bloods )   Fri Jun 22, 2012 1:06 am

June 20, 6.50 A.M - Big J's Crib

Mat woke up from a long night sleep with a bottle of beer and a hangover, He dropped the bottle on the floor and got up, Not giving a damn about the stain on the rag.

He continued to walk to the bathroom as he got inside the bathroom he tried to get a good visual of himself through the mirror. He finally got it and looked at his own reflection noticing a slight droll on his lip and his red rag tied around his four head had a cut in the middle. Mat sighed as he took the rag off turned on the water and washed his face, Quickly after finishing he pulled his head up and wen't for the towel on the side of the room. After whiping the water off his face he wen't outside.

June 20, 7.15 A.M - 33'd Street

The sun shining on his face he clenced his eyes slightly as he looked side to side, Searching for Big S, " Big S?! Where chua' at nigguh? " shouted Mat though nobody answerd.

" We' the fuck is he? " Mat mumbled to himself as he turned his attention to the Cren. He walked inside the door, Looking room to room, Raising both his eyebrows as he continued to search. " Big S, Chua' ova' ea' nigguh?! " Kept shouting Mat in each room.

Mat finally gived up, He ran to the couch in the main room inside The Cren, Grabing the walkie-Talkie that was on the counter, " BIG S?! CAN YA' FUCKING HEAR ME?! NIGGUH WHERE CHUA' AT?! " Mat shouted into the walkie talkie, Waiting silently for a respond which never came, He threw the walkie on the ground with force. The walkie broke into many small peices as Mat left the room, He steped outside of The Cren and took at seat on the chairs placed on the Cren's porch.

He placed both his hands on his four head, Shaking his head slightly as he quietly said " Where the hell is he? ".

(( Note- I'm just bringing an IC issue to Jack leaving, I Icly don't know where the hell he's gone, Hench the title, lol.. Well, I hope you enjoyed, If there is any miss-spelling please excuse me, English isn't my first language. ))

- Gangster names translation: -
Big S = Jack_Shipman
Big J = Mat_Johnson
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Where the hell is he? ( A story about Jack Shipman leaving Bloods )
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