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PostSubject: Anonymous (( OFFICIAL APPLICATION ))   Fri Jun 22, 2012 11:32 pm

Must have a good understanding about roleplay.
Must follow ALL server rules.
We do not have a play time hour minimum, Aslong as you can roleplay that is fine by us.
Must agree to a PK if you quit/get removed from the faction. Making you forget everything about us - You will forget all character experiences involving the Anonymous

[*] Your real Age? :
[*] Country & Time Zone? :
[*] How many times you've been kicked/jailed/banned? :
[*] Character name you will RP with us? :
[*] Previous faction(s)? :
[*] Why do you want to join us? :
[*] How many hours you play a day & what time (GMT +)? :
[*] Do You have Teamspeak 3 and a working Microphone?:
[*] Screen Shot of your stats (imgur link would be better, as I'm trying to keep this thread clean.) :
[*] Example of your Roleplay style? :


Anonymous was formed in 2003, A group of very experinced Hackers decided to Attack the UK and the U.S Government, They comunicated through Fourms, Weather it be GoNintendo or WeaponVike They chose a fourm and leaked a message, Until 2005 When the Lead Hacker was Arrested in San Francisco((SAN FEIRRO)) Anonymous had gathered all there men from across the World Keeping hidden in a small Area in Los Santos where all the Work goes down.


Rank 6 - President - Leads all of the Faction, Keeping it in good shape at all times
Rank 5 - Vice President - Takes Care of all Duties when the President is not in the City (( Online ))
Rank 4 - Senior Soilder - In charge of Rank 3's and 2's He must teach all Ranks the way of Anonymous Whilst Keeping everyone in Shape and up to date with Freq's etc..
Rank 3 - Solider - Soldiers are the Main Intel Collectors they must go into the Field gathering as much Intel as Possible.
Rank 2 - Lead Fighter - Shows Rank 1's the Ropes of being in Anonymous.
Rank 1 - Fighter - Fights for the Faction and is Official in the Faction but must learn from the Lead Fighter
Trial Rank - These Must be in the gang for 5 days and pass the RP test, to Receive another test for R1

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Posts : 23
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Join date : 2012-06-03

PostSubject: RESERVED   Fri Jun 22, 2012 11:46 pm

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