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 Chris Grimes SAM app

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Chris Grimes SAM app Empty
PostSubject: Chris Grimes SAM app   Chris Grimes SAM app EmptyFri Jun 29, 2012 9:43 am

SAM Application Format:

Name: Chris Grimes
Address ((Just put a fake one if you don't actually have a house)): 1 Crenshaw Road
What position are you looking for? Broadcaster.
Why do you want to be apart of SAM? I want to be apart of sam due to i want my Voice to be heard all over los Santos to bring in news gathered by me Resorces and Contacts and to be apart of the offices and for the Big Reason The beautiful VAN
What can you do to help improve SAM? I can improve sam by my Easy going voice Very alerting news And Keeping things interesting not dragging things on for hours
Name (First only):Oisin
Timezone: GMT +0
Why would you like to join SAM? The simple reason to join SAM i feel like it needs all the help it can get so i might as well tag along
Do you have 100k on hand for the faction invitation fee? Almost
Have you been in any previous factions or groups? N-hood, Bloods, and Vector
If you were kicked, please state why: N-Hood = Disbanded, Bloods = Left, Vector = Left
Can you provide a short example of your roleplay? (/me's and /do's)
*This Rp is of me Selling Mac Donalds to a homeless man*
HM = Homeless man
Me = Me....

HM: /me Waves at the man across the counter
ME: /me Smiles
ME: Well how are you today sir?
HM: Well if you consider living on the Street good, Then im fine.
ME: Well how could i take your order.
HM: I would like a Big Mac thats it
ME: /me Looks to the computer next to the Till
ME: /Me Types a few buttons into the Computer
ME: /do It Reads Big Mac. Price $4.95
ME: That would be 4.95 sir.
HM: See about that...
HM: Pulls a Knife from under his Raggy coat
HM: /Do it's stained with blood
ME: Sir, no need for that at all.
ME: /Me Slides his hand under the desk
ME: Ok im getting it now.
ME: /me Pulls out a Colt.45 from under the desk
ME: /me Aims it at the homeless man
HM: Woah ok im leaving
ME: That would be a good idea.
*Homeless man runs for the door*

Have you ever gotten a warn or ban? Nope
Do you promise to follow not only the server rules, but the SAM rules aswell? YES!
Please provide a screenshot of your stats and warns: CLICK HERE WARNS
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Chris Grimes SAM app Empty
PostSubject: Re: Chris Grimes SAM app   Chris Grimes SAM app EmptyFri Jun 29, 2012 9:50 am


You have been ACCEPTED to the SAM group.

Contact me in game for an invite and to be tested on your RP ability.

Chris Smith

San Andreas Media

Rank 1: Journalist |Rank 2: Broadcaster |Rank 3: Lead Journalist |Rank 4: Lead Broadcaster |Rank 5: Chairman |Rank 6: Director |

Chris Grimes SAM app Signat12
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Chris Grimes SAM app
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