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 How to edit your profile and a little bit more!

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How to edit your profile and a little bit more! Empty
PostSubject: How to edit your profile and a little bit more!   How to edit your profile and a little bit more! EmptySun Jul 01, 2012 7:52 am

Oh hi, I didn't see you there. Welcome to DB-Gaming! You've now taken your first step to great RP, In this thread I'll teach you the basics of the DB-Gaming forums.

First of all, signing up! OK so you're going to want to sign up to the forums to be able to view the whole site. You're going to want a Username and a password. Simple enough!

After you're done signing up, you're going to want to edit your profile. Click "Profile" then it will bring you to the editing page. There you can edit your 'stuff', "information" - This is just your general information, username, E-mail address, Gender, Birthday and much more! "Preferences" - All this is, is a long list of tick boxes saying things like "Allow members to contact me by e-mail : Yes No" and "Allow members to send me private messages : Yes No". "Signature" - This is what users will see underneath everyone of your posts, there are a number of features here that you can add such as, pictures, flash animations, video links and much more! Avatar - This is your 'profile picture', I don't really think I need to say what that is. "Friends and foes" - This is where you can add some friends and, they always say, when going somewhere new, you're guaranteed to make some enemies! "Topic(s) being watched" - This is a list of topics that you are 'watching', if you are 'watching' a topic and there is a new reply to that topic, this feature will send you an E-mail telling you what has been said! "Favourites" - All this is, is a bookmark feature that you may be used to depending on the web browser that you are using, on some it's called "Bookmarks" and on others it's called "Favourites". Again simple enough!

OK, now that you're done signing up, and editing. Now it's time to check the forums. As you will see we have quite a few threads to look at, if you're planning to join us on the server, make sure to check out the "DBG Groups" section to choose a Gang/Mafia to join, unless you prefer to play as a 'lone wolf', even if this is the character role-play for you, you can still view it simply to see what and who're around!

Ok, it's all easy enough, make sure to join us on the server ( IP: ) and play with the great members! Another way of keeping track of your buddies and chums, is to talk on our TS ( Team Speak 7 ) server ( IP: ). I hope this has given you a brief insight on most of the features located in the "Profile" section. I hope to see you all in game!

( Originally sent to me by: "Crumpets", edited by: "Eazy".



Level 3 admin; head of factions; TS admin; forum admin; forum developer/editor; TS server god.

Kind regards;
~ Eazy
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How to edit your profile and a little bit more!
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