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 A 'little' guide to the server rules

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A 'little' guide to the server rules Empty
PostSubject: A 'little' guide to the server rules   A 'little' guide to the server rules EmptySun Jul 01, 2012 9:53 am

Crumpets ( And Eazy's (But mostly Crumpet's ) ) guide to the Rules.

Hey! So your new to DB-gaming? ok cool, I'm going to go through a few things you should know about the server.

I’m going to go through a few important rules ( [Only admins are allowed to see this link] ).

DM- Deathmatching is basically where you walk up to someone, and beat/shoot them till they die. Without any RP, shocking, I know!
Way to kill someone properly- Ok so you’re going to kill someone, let’s do it right.
First of all, find the guy you want to kill. So you’re going to walk over to them, then engage them with a bit of RP.  Also in this RP I’m going to use a gun. Not a melee weapon.
**You’re next to your target**
You: /me looks to (Name), Angrily.
You: /do Do you notice?
Target: /do Yes, I look back at you weirdly.
You: Hey...
Target: Erm, Hi.
You: /me Takes out his/her (Weapon of Choice) and aims it at you.
You: /Do you notice?
Target: /do Yes
You: Raise those hands! ((/handsup))
Target: Ok ok!
Target: /me Raises his hands, slowly.
You: You shouldn’t have messed with me!
Target: I’m Sorry! Don’t hurt me!
You: Imma kill you!
Target: No Please!
You: /me Aims the gun at you firing 5 times
You: /do  Do they hit? What Happens? Do you fallover? Do you die?
Target: /do 4 Bullets hit me, killing me.
((Ok at this point DON'T Shoot! You can RP searching them for their money and anything else they have on them))
You: /me walks over to the dead body
You: /me Bends down next to the body, and begins searching it.
You: /do what do I find?
Target: /do you find a wallet and an ID.
You: /me takes Both
You: /me opens the wallet, looking inside.
You: /do what’s inside?
Target: /do $3000
You: /me takes the money.
You: /b Give me the money with /pay id amount
You: /me Drops the wallet, then opens the ID, looking at it.
You: /do what does it say?
Target: /do Euan_Hughes
You: /me Laughs
You: Poor little Euan.
(( Now you're going to want to OOC kill them, RPly they're dead, so you're simply going to finish them off. ))
You: /b I'm Going to OOC kill you now.
Euan: /b Ok.
(( Now you kill them in the method previously said in your /me and the other players /do. ))
You: /me Walks away.
OK, I know it was long, but it’s the correct way of killing someone (( In-game of course )).

OK, now onto MG.

MG-Mixing out of character knowledge with in character knowledge
Basically MG is doing things that your character doesn’t know. Everyone has their name floating above their head; you use that to say someone’s name in-Characterly (( ICly )) its MGing. Another example of MG PMing (( /pm )) someone your location or telling them something ICly. Like you're selling a car or something. Also using someone’s phone number without knowing it is also MG.
There are ways around MG, like asking people for their name, or their number. If you’re selling a car or bike, find out people’s phone numbers and SMS (( /sms )) them. Simple enough.

RK- Revenging killing is killing someone after they have killed you. Simple way around it is don’t go kill the person that killed you.  This rule is tied to the 30-minute rule, where you don’t remember anything for the last 30 minutes (( Real time )).
Last one!

PG- PG is doing something that’s impossible in real life, like flying or having a force field. Simple way around it is don’t RP anything stupid. PG is also forcing someone into RP.

OK so there's the basic rules of DB-Gaming. If you abide by them, then you won’t get warnings or prison time!

(( Once again, thanks to "Crumpets" for this, slightly edited by me. ))



Level 3 admin; head of factions; TS admin; forum admin; forum developer/editor; TS server god.

Kind regards;
~ Eazy
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A 'little' guide to the server rules
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