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 LSPD Codes

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PostSubject: LSPD Codes   Mon Jul 02, 2012 1:41 am

((Study these codes, they'll help you in game.))
1a-1 Reception poor
1a-2 Reception good
1a-3 Stop transmitting
10-4 Message received, understood
1a-5 Replay message
1a-6 On Duty
1a-7 Repeat message
1a-8 Off duty
1a-9 Reassignment
1a-10 Off duty ((Offline))
1a-11 Going on Desk Duty
1a-12 Going on Regular patrol
1a-13 Awaiting assignment
1a-14 Going on P-Hawk duty
1a-15 Going on HSIU duty

1b-1 Going to the station
1b-2 Return(ing) to station
1b-3 Disregard last assignment
1b-4 People verbally assaulting, no backup needed (Example of use: At market, 1b-4, over)
1b-5 Brawl or assault going on, backup requested, not needed
1b-6 Un-lethal weapons being used to assault, backup needed
1b-7 Lethal weapons being used to attempt murder or assault, Backup needed (High priority)
1b-8 Unarmed robbery, backup needed (Example of use: We got a 1b-8 at Temple, over
1b-9 Armed robbery, backup needed (High priority)
1b-10 Shots fired, need extreme backup (Team most likely to arrive would be S.W.A.T.)
1b-11 Suspect/civilian down, need medical attention
1b-12 LEO down, need medical attention
1b-13 Possible IED/bomb placed at (location), need backup (S.W.A.T. would arrive to this)
1b-14 Male suspect in custody
1b-15 Female suspect in custody

Codes - Codes are basically used to tell what type of backup is needed at a situation. Let's say there is an unarmed robbery at the mall. What you'd say is: 1b-8 at Market, Code 2, over
Simple, and fast to say. Codes help LEO's describe scene's without having to risk anything or loose time.

Code 1 - Backup not needed. Enough officer's to handle the problem on the scene.
Code 2 - Backup requested. Noone need's to show up, the officer's can handle it. They're just requesting backup just incase. Most likely this would happen if suspects would be fighting, or if there'd be an unarmed robbery going on.
Code 3 - Backup requested, high priority. This would happen if someone is using weapons to rob, or threaten an LEO or civilian. Could be guns or simple blunt objects.
Code 4 - Highest priority backup. All units needed to the scene. This would happen at a bomb, or something extremely threatening to the city or the people in the city

Ronny Zombles, Head admin, Chief of police.

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LSPD Codes
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