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 Tyler's SAM application.

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Tyler's SAM application. Empty
PostSubject: Tyler's SAM application.   Tyler's SAM application. EmptyTue Jul 03, 2012 11:13 am

Name: Tyler Mckenney
Age: 22
Address ((Just put a fake one if you don't actually have a house)): 35 Flat street.
What position are you looking for? I am looking to be a broadcaster.
Why do you want to be apart of SAM? I want to be a part of SAM, because I enjoy being known. I like helping people by bringing them news for the following days. I want to be a part of SAM because New, weather, and journalism has always interested me.
What can you do to help improve SAM? I can help improve SAM by bringing entertainment, fun, and good news to people.
Name (First only): Tyler
Age(real): 15
Timezone: EST
Why would you like to join SAM? I want to join SAM because I love the RP style of it. It's a fun thing to be a part of.
Do you have 100k on hand for the faction invitation fee? Yes.
Have you been in any previous factions or groups? LSPD, Bloods, Illuminati.
If you were kicked, please state why: Left LSPD to join Bloods, Left Bloods to join Illuminati, the Illuminati disbanded.
Have you ever gotten a warn or ban? Nope.
Do you promise to follow not only the server rules, but the SAM rules aswell? Of course.
Please provide a screenshot of your stats and warns: https://imgur.com/SH08D
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Tyler's SAM application. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tyler's SAM application.   Tyler's SAM application. EmptyFri Jul 06, 2012 8:20 am


You have been ACCEPTED to the SAM group.

Contact me in game for an invite and to be tested on your RP ability.

Chris Smith

San Andreas Media

Rank 1: Journalist |Rank 2: Broadcaster |Rank 3: Lead Journalist |Rank 4: Lead Broadcaster |Rank 5: Chairman |Rank 6: Director |

Tyler's SAM application. Signat12
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Tyler's SAM application.
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