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 Jordie_Higgy LSPD Application

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PostSubject: Jordie_Higgy LSPD Application   Jordie_Higgy LSPD Application EmptyThu Jul 05, 2012 5:44 am

((IC Section))
Name: Jordie_Higgy



Place of birth:England

Phone Number:None

Current Address:1 Polly Avenue

Why Do You Want To Join LSPD(50 words):Since I was young, I’ve always wanted the opportunity to up-hold the law in an inner-city environment. I grew up watching police chases, shoot-outs and break-ins and the persons featured in these programmes were the type of persons I wanted to be when I grew up. Back in Texas, I always tried my hardest to up-hold the law in smaller ways and now being a grown man, I would be able to take it to a whole new level of fighting crime, enforcing the law and helping the citizens of Los Santos. In my life, I haven’t really had many other dreams apart from being a Law Enforcement Officer. It has been my life goal from the beginning and rarely have I thought about taking up another career. Of course, I’ve thought every now and again about maybe taking up a job as something simple like owning a corner shop, god knows that’s what my parents wanted me to do, but I couldn’t imagine myself not being in a position where I can enforce some type of law, I just wouldn’t feel right.

What Qualities Could You Bring To The Force(50 words):Back in Texas, I inherited my great grandfathers prized Taurus Raging Bull. Let’s just say I had a lot of target practice on some unlucky less-advantaged aerial pests so I know how to handle a weapon. Also, being born in Texas I can obviously defend myself suitably like any other man, woman or child from said place. I’d like to think of myself as a nice guy, I have a good sense of humour and I know when to have a laugh and when to be serious and I believe I could bring a good impression on the LSPD for the citizens of Los Santos. I’ve been in Los Santos for about a year now and while I’ve been here, I’ve made myself familiar with all the areas and locations and I now nearly know them all like the back of my hand.
My downside however, is that since living in such a rural area for the majority of my life, I haven’t had that much time to practice my driving although I have obtained a licence since being in Los Santos. I’ve been driving for a year or so now, but I hope my skills can improve greatly if I become a member of the Los Santos Police Department.

Biography(150 words): :I was born in Texas, USA in a quiet, rural area consisting of a few farms and a small shopping area also known as our local town. When I was young, I was plonked into a homeschooling scheme by my father. There I learnt quite a lot about the subjects of English, Mathematics and Science. When I became around 12 years old my mother convinced my father to allow me to have a part time job. So I started working on a neighbour’s farm doing good old manual labour. I was a beloved employee of that farm for some years before I eventually left and began my journey in college. I worked harder than I ever had before in that college and I left with some pretty impressive grades. After college, I managed to earn a part time job at “Slurpy Slushy’s inc.” I was a Slurpy Slushy staff member for several years until I finally departed from Texas to fulfil my life’s dream of becoming an LEO. When I arrived in Los Santos, it was rather scary. I found it difficult to adjust to city life but I eventually purchased a house in Los Santos 1 Polly Avenue. From there, I purchased a vehicle and I began driving around Los Santos on a regular basis to learn all of the different locations and such. Beyond expectation, I also got familiar with some of the areas where the local street gangs hung around, at least that’s what I thought all those blue and green people were. I’m currently unemployed and I’m living off of the money I gradually saved up over the years from being a Slurpy Slushy staff member.


Real name:Jordan George

Play Time: I am a excellent at Rp but have 0 playing hours

Timezone: England +GTM

Example Of RP: P1: Oi, you!
P2: /me leans over to his dashboard, flicking a small switch
P2: /do The two front windows wind down
P2: What?
P1: Where’s the bank!?
P2: /me sighs, shaking his head for a moment
P2: /me extends his right hand forward, pointing down the main road
P2: Uh, down there, then take a right and then a left.
P1: Hold on a sec, point it out on my map!
**P1 steps out of his vehicle and walks to P2’s right door**
P1: /me bends down, peering into the driver’s seat
P1: /me slides his right hand behind his back, grasping the handle of his 9mm
P2: Okay, where’s the map?
P1: /me withdraws his 9mm and raises it to (Name)’s stomach
P1: Don’t ****ing move!
P2: /me freezes in his seat, gripping the steering wheel with both hands trying to remain calm
P2: H-Hey, just take what you need and go...
P1: Your wallet, give me your ****ing wallet!
P2: /me slowly releases his grip of his steering wheel with his left hand
P1: Slowly!
P1: /me brings his thumb to the hammer and pulls it down, ****ing the 9mm back
P1: /do **CLICK**
P2: Okay okay!
P2: /me slides his hand into his inside jacket pocket, grabbing his wallet
P2: Okay... here it is....
P2: /me slowly retracts his arm, flashing the wallet to (Name)
P1: Give me it!
P2: /me tosses the wallet out of the window, possibly hitting (Name) and distracting him
P1: /me looks down to the wallet with a furious expression on his face
P2: /me pushes his foot down on the acceleration peddle, moving his gearstick into position
**P2 speeds off**

Do You Have A Microphone:Yes

Do you have Teamspeak:Yes

Screenshot Of Stats(upload to something like imgur): file:///C:/Users/JORD/Documents/Screen%20Shot.jpg <--- Type that in to the web browser.
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Jordie_Higgy LSPD Application Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jordie_Higgy LSPD Application   Jordie_Higgy LSPD Application EmptyThu Jul 05, 2012 6:18 am

The application looks great. Just move it to our new forums here: http://dbullet-beta.tk/ Thanks.

Ronny Zombles, Head admin, Chief of police.

Jordie_Higgy LSPD Application UEx9i
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Jordie_Higgy LSPD Application
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