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 Aaron_Dinh LSPD Application

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PostSubject: Aaron_Dinh LSPD Application   Aaron_Dinh LSPD Application EmptyWed Aug 01, 2012 6:26 am

((IC Section))
Name: Aaron_Dinh

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Place of birth: Los Santos

Phone Number: None

Current Address: 9 ( In a far away island )

Why Do You Want To Join LSPD(50 words): I want to join the LSPD because I want every criminal down so then the civilians will live a great happy life, I want to make the law sounds like it is serious and will take no downs on the citizens of Los Santos! Also with all the crime out there, it will keep increasing so an extra hand is always a good hand.

What Qualities Could You Bring To The Force(50 words): Since I was little my Grandfather was teaching me a secret method of fighting, he brought me in a Gym and trained me, he said only spirited ones with opened minds can master this technique, since I got older I started getting into fights and I ended up as a boxing champion, I want to use this technique to make the Law shine and make criminals like tiny puny rats.

Biography(150 words): I was alone until my Granddad came and raise me until I am a full fledged grown up, My mother and father died by a man that robbed our house, he spared my life and said something to me, the only part I could remember is “Johnn”, also every time I sleep he comes up in my head and ruins my dream, that face all I want to do is kill him! My dream is to become a Captain of the Military or the Police Force and order every people that is in my power. As soon as I turned 15 I joined an Academy that trains you how to use firearms, everyday I practice and practice, my Granddad always says, “ Practice makes perfect my child “, I became an A* Student in the academy and I have an offer to join the Police Cadet and one day will become a Sergeant. I am now 19 years old and working for the Queen to serve, protect and respect her loyalty.


Real name: Aaron

Play Time: 67

Timezone: GMT +1

Example Of RP:
(I see a man walking around at the stadium)
Me:/me looks over Jake to see if anybody is near
Me:/do there is nobody
Me:/me carefully walks behind Jake
Me:/do do you see me? do you hear me coming?
Him: /do no I don't see or hear you approching me
Me: /me extends right arm towards my back pocket firmly grabing a piece of metal
Me: /me extends left arm quickly covering your mouth and extending my right arm holding the piece of metal firmly to your neck
Me: /do any reaction?
Him: /do My eyes open wide, I gasp for air as I'm putting my arms in the air
Me: Shhhh! Shhhh! Nigguh' chu' gonna stay calm and slowly give me your wallet, Is there a problem with that?
Him: /me shakes heas showing there is not a problem
Him: /me slowly extends right arm directly to my right pocket, I grab my wallet an slowly take it out
Him: /me moves arm towards you offering it to you
Him: /do do you take it?
Me: /do yes I quickly take the wallet
Me: /me slowly puts the metal to the ground, and opens the wallet. What do I find?
Him:/do you find a recite to a Shovel, a picture of my familie, 100$
Me:/me quickly flicks my right arm snachin' the 100$ placing it in my back pocket,
Me: /do do I succeed?
Him: /do yes you succeed on taking the money and placing it in your pocket
Me: /me kneels down extending right arm grabbing hold of the piece of metal clutching it with my palm, I then raise my self back up placing it to your neck,
Me: /do any reaction?
Him: /do no reaction I keep my hands in the air at all time
Me: Thanks nigguh' Chu' been a real help!
Me: /me Without letting you say a word, I quickly pull back my right arm causing the metal to cut your skin and making you bleed to death
Me: /do Do I succeed? any reaction to stop me?
Him: /no you succeed on cutting me and I fall to the ground holding my throat
Me: /me looks to the body on the ground, I then turn around throwing the piece of metal in the bushes.
Me: /me takes a deep breath before slowly walking away from the body.

Do You Have A Microphone: Yes

Do you have Teamspeak: Yes

Screenshot Of Stats(upload to something like imgur):

Aaron_Dinh LSPD Application Sa-mp-14
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Aaron_Dinh LSPD Application
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