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 My Unban Appeal

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My Unban Appeal Empty
PostSubject: My Unban Appeal   My Unban Appeal EmptyThu Aug 02, 2012 10:05 am

Who banned you? Lance

What were you banned for? LSPD Weapon Farming

Why should you be unbanned? :Why should you be unbanned? : Well I know what I did wrong was VERY bad but I think I should be unbanned is because I have been playing on the DB server for a long time on it and I have meet lots of new people and joined The LSPD and had loads of fun playing with the people on it and I know what I did wrong and I should not have done it I am VERY sorry and I will never do it again. DB gaming is a really good server and I have had so much good time on the server so please unban me.

Do you promise to the follow the DB-Gaming Rules? Yes
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My Unban Appeal
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