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 [SAM] Ranks and Responsibilities

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[SAM] Ranks and Responsibilities Empty
PostSubject: [SAM] Ranks and Responsibilities   [SAM] Ranks and Responsibilities EmptyThu Jun 07, 2012 12:05 pm

This is the master list of each rank and their individual responsibility.

Rank 1 | Journalist - Journalists find interesting topics to write about, using their unique flair to make even the most bland story come to life. Their stories should be proof read, and double checked by a Lead Journalist.

Rank 2 | Broadcaster - Broadcasters report the news and current events via radio. They have sharp and dashing personalities. Their primary goal is reporting current events, such as a robbery or pursuit in progress. They also report the weather.

Rank 3 | Lead Journalist - Lead Journalists are the senior writers. Their job is to make sure that each article is at it's best quality, before shipping them out. They can help you if you're a little stuck with your writing direction.

Rank 4 | Lead Broadcaster - Lead Broadcasters broadcast the news for San Andreas. Their main job is to report the news via radio, and help out some of the newer broadcasters as well. Lead Broadcasters have unrestricted access to to SAM Vans.

Rank 5 | Chairman - The chairman helps out the Broadcasters and the Journalists, whilst attempting to keep the PR in good standing. Reaching this rank means you're a trusted individual, you also have access to the safe.

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[SAM] Ranks and Responsibilities
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