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 Ranks and definitions

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PostSubject: Ranks and definitions   Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:27 am

Chief of Police(6)
The Chief of Police is where to be. Once you are here you are at the top. You must make sure there is no corruption, make sure the Officers and what not are doing their jobs smoothly, and make sure the city is always safe. It may look easy, but It's quite a tough job.

Deputy Chief(5)
They will do the chief's job if the chief isn't able to make anything, they will watch over the ranks.They will check to make sure everyone is doing there job.Also they will make sure nobody is abusing there powers.

Sergeant's are probably where most people will stay. Once you get here you are basically on top of everyone except for DCoP and CoP. They can do reassignments as well as lead forces.

Lead Officer(3)
Basically the same as a regular officer. Lead officers cannot do reassignments unless told to by a Sergeant+. Lead Officers help with cadets, and make sure the regular Officers are running smoothly. Lead Officers MAY lead forces as well.

The men you regularly see whether it's on TV, or the men patrolling. This is the rank where you set the goals as high as you can. The best will shine bright and move up. The others will just... stay where they are.

Cadets A.K.A. the rookies are the people who probably get the most shit. They have the worst duties, the most physical and mental training, and worst hours. Cadets do go on patrol, however they must have an officer with them unless they go on Bike patrol.

Ronny Zombles, Head admin, Chief of police.

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Ranks and definitions
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