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 SAM Vehicle Request

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PostSubject: SAM Vehicle Request   SAM Vehicle Request EmptySat Jun 30, 2012 10:09 am

These are some cars that we think we need.

One car that we think we need, or you could call it a boat. The boat we are thinking of is a Speeder.
Car ID: 452.
RP Reason: We think we need a boat, because sometimes, things go on in the ocean, for example, LSPD things as in boat chases, and so we can observe the nature better and have better reports on the weather. Another reason we chose this certain one is so we can keep up with certain events that occur in the waters. The interesting and exciting events that occur in the waters will keep the viewers / listeners tune in and stay tuned in for an extended amount of time.

Another car we think we need would be a Windsor.
Car ID: 555.
RP Reason: We are requesting a Windsor because, as of now we only have SAM vans for on-ground travel. We think that the high ranking members of the group deserve something more classy. In which the Windsor would suit. It's not some crazy fast, expensive sportscar. But it looks good, and will give a little bit more to those high ranking people who have worked hard for their job.

The last we think we need is a Feltzer.
Car ID: 533
RP Reason: We are putting the Feltzer in this because it has enjoyable speeds and can travel much faster than the standard SAM van. We can keep up with chases at a distance much better than the SAM vans. This car has good acceleration as well, this also helps around the location of being able to stick with exciting things and get better looks at them, making it a more interesting report, keeping the listeners on the station for a longer time.

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SAM Vehicle Request
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