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 West Side Mafia

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PostSubject: West Side Mafia   Sun Jun 10, 2012 1:38 pm

Our gang can date back to when we were all in grade 5. We used to pick on the fat people and get the nerds to give us lunch money. We started to get more and more into the violence buisness, and we got away from our school work. On the gangs 5th anniversary, we partied, drank that did drugs like never before. Our parents soon found out that we dont go to our friends house to do homework. After that day the gang split until all of us got decant jobs working for the government. Most of our gang worked as bodyguards, others as cops. Later on when we were all 25, we got kicked out of the government and we started to hang out. Soon enough we started to do what we did before and then you know it, the West Side Mafia reunites for good this time.

Original Founding Members:Cornelius Fadd, Mack Mactavish, Max Brady, Nikolai Fadd, Roger Fadd

Don't not get in too much trouble with the admins, if it happens you will he kicked out of the gang

You should know a little about gangs and how things work(you will be breifed)

You should know how to roleplay

Dont PM other gang members constantly, it can be annoying

You should treat the West Side Mafia respectfully, and dont take it as a joke

How To Join
Send a message to Poland13224, and fill out the information below:
IC Information
Your IG name:



Bans or Warnings:

Tell us why you want to join the West Side Mafia? (minimum 150 words):

Provide a example of gang Roleplay:

OOC Information
Your real name:


Do you have Teamspeak 3?:

Do you have a MIC?:
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West Side Mafia
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